2019 Resolution to HRC's Crisis

Submitters: Russian Federation, People's Republic of China, Plurinational State of Bolivia

Signatories: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Republic of India, Republic of Cuba, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Arab Republic of Egypt, United Mexican States

The United Nations Human Rights Council

Affirming that no action is able to be taken since it is a matter for the United Nations Security Council to discuss;

Convinced that every country will vote according to its position;

Emphasizing that Article 2 of the UN Charter should not be compromised;

Noting with deep concern the history of United States of intervening in countries with large oil reserves;

Condemning any kinds of torture and life threats;

Aware of the delicate situation between countries in this matter;

  1. Encourages Venezuela to conduct an investigation in order to clarify the fact, since there is no proof that the government did such action;

  2. Recognizes the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as a democratic republic;

- supports the rightful electected president Nicolás Maduro;

- affirms that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela allows the freedom of expression, assembly and civil rights;

  1. Accepts that under the given circumstance in Venezuela the government has the right to restrict the output of fake news in whatever way they see fit;

  2. Calls upon the international community to look out for the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela;

  3. Encourages the further communication between parties;

  4. Decides to remain seized on the matter;

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