Attack on the Western Wall leaves more than 300 dead

Authorities confirm that more than one nationality has been identified

The latest attack on the Western Wall of Jerusalem has left more than 300 people dead and several injured. Amongst the dead are Arab, American, Brazilian, British and Russian victims. The city of Jerusalem has a very important role in our society, being a place where the three monotheistic religions meet: Christianism, Judaism and Islamism.

The attacker or attackers haven’t been found yet and authorities suspect that the attack was led by religious intolerance, due to the locality it happened and the fact that there was an enormous concentration of people. Some say it was the perfect opportunity to go through with a plan like that.

A victim stated what she has felt during the attack and what was visible during the action:

“My name is Ariel and I’m a survivor of the latest attack on the Western Walls. So many lives were lost in vain. I was there visiting the monument because of my faith and in respect to my ancestors, when we heard an explosion. We saw dust and smoke coming towards us but what we didn’t expect came afterwards. Another explosive was thrown in the crowd and many died instantly. Some died because they couldn’t run to save themselves, others died because they inhaled the toxic smoke and I just haven’t died because I ran as fast as I could and wasn’t as near to the Wall as others. All my thoughts and prayers go to the families that have lost loved ones and to those poor souls who have left this Earth. We also hope that the Police and the Authorities can track down the attacker or the group who did this and bring justice for us all.”

Furthermore, a representative of Israel has been sent to give a statement about what happened:

“I hereby represent Israel to express our deepest condolences to all lives lost and our solidarity in helping the families that lost their loved ones in the latest attack. It is of our concern, to call upon all nations to take action on the matter, as it affects the world as a whole. This incident is a result of the increasing levels of xenophobia all around the world, in which populations act judgmentally and discriminative towards the wave of refugees entering other countries. Adding to that, severe border control policies aggravate the problem, deepening the mentality of prejudice and fear regarding other cultures and races. Israel wishes to help to develop a solution to the problem, considering that the nation feels as attacked as the other nations who have lost their citizens during the tragic happening. Reminding all nations of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognizes the inherent dignity, equality and inalienable rights of all global citizens, Israel declares the incident on the Western Walls as a humanitarian issue, encouraging all nations to be prepared into contributing to solve and prevent further attacks.”

This concern has brought the attention of the UN and the countries that have lost their citizens. Their aim is to discuss what can be done to avoid further attacks such as the recent one. The act of religious intolerance goes against The Declaration of Human Rights written by the UN.

Solidarity has been rising and people from all over the world are protesting against religious intolerance, since the 21st Century is no place for wars and hatred. religious intolerance, since the 21st Century is no place for wars and hatred.

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