2019 WHO's Resolution to crisis

United Nations World Health Organization Topic: Crisis Main Submitters: Russian Federation, Republic of India, Federal Republic of Germany Sponsors: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, Plurinational State of Bolivia, Federative Republic of Brazil, People's Republic of China, Republic of Cuba, French Republic, State of Japan, United Mexican States, Republic of Turkey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Crisis resolution

World Health Organization,

Having in consideration the mistakes made by the Federative Republic of Germany,

Seeking to prevent more deaths,

Fully alarmed by the living conditions of the refugees affected,

Deeply concerned about The civilians health,

Keeping in mind the Causes of This accident,

1. Urges the Federal Republic of Germany to provide free aid, such as but not limited


a. Shelter for the refugees in the areas;

b. Healthcare to the affected;

c. Respiratory masks.

2. Calls upon the UN Chemical weapons team to Analyze and find the necessary

means to contain the sources;

3. Calls upon the UN meteorological team, funded by the Federative Republic of

Germany, to investigate the pattern of the cloud avoid more deaths

4. Strongly emphasises the obligation of Federal Republic of Germany to provide

financial aid to

a. Affected countries;

b. Affected people.

5. Strongly recommends any country, which experiences a firm or industry committing

illegal acts against the environment and the health of the people, to take legal actions:

a. against said company,

b. to Promote inspections throughout the country to seek for other illegal


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