2019 Venezuela's situation

During the second day of the meetings, the delegations continue to discuss about different ways to minimize the impact that the crisis has on the population.

The delegates decided to give these resources directly to the population and not to the National Assembly or the National Constituent Assembly, but Venezuela believes it is better to give this resource to Maduro’s Government so that he can distribute it amongst the population.

The United States said there is a possibility of a military intervention, but only if necessary. India and Russia do not agree with an American military intervention. The United States believes that the system used in his country is the best for the world.

But who is causing the chaos? Many delegations think it is Maduro’s Government.

The Blue Helmets should defend the population in case of an attack from any of the parties.

Currently, the delegates are discussing the Migration crisis and Russia is ready to give financial support to the Venezuelan refugees. USA thinks that it is not possible to resolve both problems, the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the situation in Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and Chile, that are currently receiving the refugees.

The council is divided in two, pros and cons of Maduro, to debate about the political crisis. France believes that Maduro is not the legitim president of Venezuela and that his election was a fraud, while India thinks Maduro was elected democratically. The Venezuelan Government said that Maduro does not commit any crime, therefore a referendum is not necessary. For Venezuela, Maduro is the legitim president, and the crisis is not caused by Maduro.

Germany also believes that the elections were a fraude, but there are no proofs, whilst Germany still refers to Maduro as a “dictator”.

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