2019 Third World War?

“Who should be punished?” This was one of the most, if not the most debated question in today’s conference. The divergence due to political ideals has been a huge impasse over the council sessions and has directly influenced the decisions made regarding the draft resolution.

It has been hard to come to an agreement since very often the nations claimed not to accept what was proposed and also stated that they just weren’t willing to cooperate.

Rephrasing a French Republic’s statement during a moderated caucus, “only if they stop running in circles, the delegations shall have time to improve the situation.”

It is true that the United States of America alongside the French Republic insisted more than the other delegations to actually come to a reasonable end. But regarding those two nations, it is important to mention what happened in the past related to the Vietnam War. As we know, almost ten years ago, approximately 100000 Vietnamese civilians were arrested, tortured and killed in South Vietnam. This atrocity was committed during Ngo Dinh Diem’s government and he clearly acted that way in order to oppress communist sympathizers. The American military forces, headed by the 34th American president, Dwight Eisenhower, once more supported the despotism and interfered in the conflict together with the Central Intelligence Agency. Taking this event into consideration, it is easier to analyze the USA’s position and intentions.

Even though the American delegation stated yesterday over its opening speech that they were willing to debate with transparency in order to find a solution, more than once suspicious information were mentioned and in addition to that, its desire to war turned evident during the council sessions.

Another topic to be approached is the problem of communication, which strongly affected the sessions in the Historical Council. Frequently, the countries found themselves in a confusing conversation, where the chairs had to interrupt the delegates and bring order to the committee. Possibly because of this issue and because the council since the beginning of Humunited presented an extremely polarised reunion, even starting a huge new war was a considered a possibility.

After establishing the main aspects of this Wednesday’s conference, it is vital to think about the future. Seeing that the dialog between delegations can be so complicated and that even a war could be the next event in history, we with apprehension look for an actual solution.

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