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Order and obligation at UNODC

Many topics are being discussed at the the UNODC council. China takes over the session with the idea that all nations should profit from the final decision, therefore all countries should take part in the solution for the use of opioids. India does not stay behind, asking how China could mention democracy, when the country itself punishes those who express themselves against the government.

The United States of America, along with the French Republic, exposes the idea of an optional rehabilitation center, since it’s the citizen themselves who have to willingly subject themselves to treatment. The idea of an optional treatment has been suggested due to the expensive costs that the State cannot afford to pay alone for every subject addicted.

Brazil adds to the debate, stating that there should be a doctor to give their professional endorsement to see if the person is in need of treatment. While the United Kingdom place themselves in a neutral position whether if the treatment should be obligatory or not, Venezuela asks the council how their population will be able to afford such treatment when they have been denied of receiving any financial aids.

The agenda’s order is being ignored whereas new topics surface. USA changes its mind about the non mandatory treatment and remains neutral, side by side with the UK. China strongly believes that the topic, which Turkey proposed should be the next one to work with and that the council should follow a certain order after the topic discussed at the moment is solved. Russia, China and Turkey have expressed themselves alike.

Are we seeing an alliance between those nations, or is it too soon?

- Helena Montiel, Media Team

The walls are high

Drugs and Trump’s wall are dominating the debate’s line of discussion.During an unmoderated caucus at ECOSOC, it is clear that nations have been divided in two blocks, regarding their way of thinking and beliefs, into two groups: those against and those in favor of the capital punishment. The US states that the majority of the crimes committed are consequential to drug trafficking, therefore drugs are the main issue and the main topic of the current discussion.

Mexico is accused as the main drug smuggler bringing illegal substances into the US, since most of the identified smugglers are of Mexican nationality. USA also states that infrastructure is indispensable to lower crime rates, thereby a wall should be built. Russia on the contrary, stands against the building of the wall, since it is based on racist thoughts, reminding the delegations that even if a wall was built, Mexico would have the possibility of smuggling drugs through airplanes and there can’t be walls built on simple “air space”.

Venezuela stands against the capital punishment, which hurts the US’ principles, accusing the government of the Venezuelan “president” of being against democracy. India calls upon the two nations to remember what the topic in discussion actually is and urges the delegates not to lose focus.

USA strongly affirms that the nation cares more about its citizens than money itself, and states: “Russia should stop trying to buy solutions for other countries Instead, why not find an answer for the population, which seems to suffer under the consequences of drug dealing and smuggling.”

All countries seem to be invested into debating further into the topic of financial aid.

- Sophie B., USG Media

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