2019 Rehabilitation and integration

The United States has offered support to other delegations in a rude way, presenting an exaggerated nationalism, just like their president. The delegate claimed that the US prison system is the best and other countries should do just like them to improve. That did not please the Russian, Indian, and Chinese delegation, due to the downgrade that the US has undergone these countries.

After a bit of discussion, the delegations decided to make a working paper that would be based on common interests. The problem solution was based on providing education for prisoners to have a proper reintegration into society. That will happen through investment from the most economically developed countries and do not require investment in the prison system.

This investment is positive for China because through this, over the years, this investment will return as more capital to the country, since countries will develop and provide benefits to China.

Judicial system

The delegations began the council discussing the lack of human rights in carrying out punishments. In this respect, Turkey was intensely criticized by China for being in accordance with capital punishment. That is disappointing because with the installation of this law, it is clear that the country does not believe that the prisoner can reintegrate into society.

To find a solution for the problem, the delegations were divided into two groups, one of which was characterized by countries that support capital punishment and another constituted by countries that are against or are trying to avoid it.

The Chinese delegation was in a difficult position, whereas if it stood against the death penalty, it would be at odds with the US and India. But it does not make sense to stand in favor of capital punishment, because the country is abolishing this punishment. Then what would make sense would be to stand next to Russia against capital punishment.

But the working paper that was in favor of capital punishment presented a topic in which it was encouraging countries to reduce or abolish capital punishable. That was the decisive point for the Chinese delegation to vote in this working paper and to it be approved.

Infrastructure and poverty

The delegations soon began to discuss the problems and crises that the participating delegations have been suffering. The discussion was productive, and it was easy to form a working paper. Within it, the means to improve infrastructure and reduce poverty are:

- Encourages emerging countries and poorly developed countries to accept investments from developed countries and with good infrastructure.

- Encourages economic development by offering jobs and distributing excellent education.

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