Leader of the #JusticeForVenezuela movement persecuted by Venezuelan government.

Carlos Midan Diaz, a 34 year old well known Leader of an important protest movement against the Venezuelan Government, has reappeared in the USA after two months.

The movement began to gain recognition as #JusticeForVenezuela and grew immensely, not only inside the country, but also outside of it, throughout the whole world. “That’s the only reason why the government wasn’t able to stop it sooner. If they could, they would have”, explained Carlos Mian Diaz. Since the sudden disappearance of the leader, many protestants and online supporters of the movement have spoken up, blaming the Venezuelan Government for his disappearance and even probable death. “I wouldn’t have been the first leader of a movement against that corrupt government under the orders of Nicolás Maduro.”

After two months, Carlos Midan Diaz reappeared in the USA, surprising many of his followers who had began to lose hope. “I was threatened. Not only me, but also my family and friends. It was a miracle that I was even able to escape the country. I had received many warnings.”

Being now in a place where the leader claims to be safe and “out of grasp from the terrible and corrupt dictatorial government of Venezuela”, he speaks about the horrors and torture he went through, without any fear. “This censorship is outrageous. The right to express ourselves shouldn’t belong to politicians. How does the Bolivian Republic of venezuela even dare to call themselves a republic?”, asks the leader.

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