2019 Disagreements

As the delegate of Afghanistan said yesterday afternoon, the schooling is a constitutional right of our nation. Despite this, there are still more than 535 million children, that still do not have access to education, all over the world.

During the sessions, the UNESCO council discussed the proposal made by Germany, which solution contains creating laws, in partnership with the Security Council, to protect school areas from conflicts.

The delegates created a Canon of Resolution, however, there was disagreement amongst some realms. The antipathy was due to one of the precepts. Although the United States of America cannot vote for the decisions taken, due to having left the council in 2017, the country has used arguments of religious intolerance to support its position. The delegate criticized mainly the Muslims, thus going against the human rights. Therefore, the Council decided to make voting of clauses of the resolution.

Afterwards, the Arab Emirates made a polymerization, saying that all countries should make more donations to reach the purposes of UNESCO. In counterproposal, China and Cuba have opposed, turning both into hypocritical states, for that their political doctrine is characterized by the approach of transforming society through the balanced distribution of resources and property, “narrowing” the gap between rich and poor.

Throughout the debate, the delegate from Afghanistan has gotten out of a stand in the controversy, showing to be in favor of a new Commitment, believing that it is important. For the representative of our country, it will lead benefits for the people who live in conflict areas.

Due to religious, fundings, Philosophy questions and which nations should be supported by the commitment, throughout the sections, the delegates divided into two groups. Trying to solve, with two different Resolutions, the central concern of the Council.

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