2019 Consequences - Diseases & Treatments

Starting the morning with a speakers list, various delegations suggested a reinforced health care program, although countries such as Afghanistan are not able to invest enough money on the health system.

What about the long term diseases? India proposes a solution to the diseases that don’t have a cure such as asma, lung problems, cancer and so on, that the supply line of medicines is continuous while Russia still believes that the best thing to do is invest in the expansion of Médecins Sans Frontiers, furthermore by preparing more doctors to help in other countries.

Regarding the next topic on the agenda, which is “awareness and prevention”, one example is the reinforcement of laws the delegates are developing a working paper to come to a conclusion concerning this thema.

Countries with pollution levels above the permitted must offer technology against pollution such as breathing masks and air purifiers and in addition to those solutions, the developing of awareness campaigns.

It is hard for India as a very populated country to change everything as proposed by the working papers, but it agrees open mindedly and independently to the main aspects of it.

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