2019 Agreements finally take place

Willing to go ahead and finally come closer to a solution to such a big problem as child labor, the delegations have met again today to continue the debate. Today’s conference contained the discussion of a critical topic, Children Traffic. Around the world, child victims of traffic are recruited, transported and transferred for the purpose of work or sexual exploitation and although such actions are illegal, they are still extremely present in most nations.

As a solution, the delegation of Germany proposes harder punishment to the ones committing these crimes, while other nations believe that an improvement of the fiscalization on the borders and security may be the solution to the problem. The US declared their country as willing to send military and financial support to the countries that are not able to finance such improvements. On the other hand, a few nations like China see military intervention as a possible invasion from USA.

After a lot of discussion, the delegations show their deep concerns in topics such as child sexual exploitation, work exploitation, security, military intervention and education. With the purpose of generating improvements in all this aspects and to ensure the protection from our children, the nations came in with different proposals to resolutions.

The nations started discussing a few clauses. A relevant and more discussed clause from the first resolution presented was the purpose of military help from nations like Brazil and USA. Venezuela, as well as China, believes that this is not the solution required and declared themselves willing to accept financial help and support, but not the entrance of foreign troops claiming that such movement could be seen as an invasion from the delegation of the US. Although they encourage the acceptance, the delegation of US affirms that no country is going to be obligated to accept such movements.

The second proposal of resolution presented clauses such as a change on the legislation from each country, including a change on the minimal ages to work, in adding to that, more organizations to protect the rights of the children and adolescent should be more active. Considered too harsh for some nations, more severe punishments were also suggested, such as death penalty for those committing crimes as child traffic, work and sexual exploitation.

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