A car manufacturer in Germany burns their batteries inappropriately!

Half an hour ago, a major toxic cloud in Germany was discovered. Germany, as a regulated country, wasn't expecting its source: a car manufacturer is the one behind the leak. The leakage was spotted as soon as the cloud was noticed and experts analised the chemicals coming from it, only to discover it contained lithium and nickel. The cloud furthermore has led to the discovery of illegal battery burns in the factory. A lot of refugees live in the area of the happening and if the leak is not contained, many casualties will become a reality.

The cloud expands exponentially, affecting the countries that share borders with Germany. In addition to that, the Westerlies winds carry the toxic substances towards east Europe.

A french company delivers some batches of the batteries to an extend and the ethical questions comes to mind: How will nature be affected? Is it legal to burn batteries at all?

It is up for the World Health Organisation to solve the problem and take measures as soon as possible to avoid any casualties.

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