The Venezuelan Crisis and its repercussion on the international community

The Security Council, is currently discussing about the situation in Venezuela, where Maduro is the legitimate elected president and Juan Guaidó declared himself as the legitimate president, claiming that Maduro’s government is classified as “illegitimate”, in order to get international support to take the power of Venezuela for himself.

After the Opening Speeches, the delegations discussed about the Humanitarian crises, the Russian delegation said that it has no suggestion how to help Venezuela, but is open to suggestions.

The United Kingdom has proposed to send help to Venezuela with money or other supplies such as food and military personnel, India agrees with the United Kingdom and supposes that if they were to send these resorts, the supplies should be sent directly to the government, so that Maduro can distribute it fairly and equally to the Venezuelan population.

The United States delegation in counterpart believes, that the election of Maduro for president was not fair. Sadly, there is no concrete proof that the elections were unfair, therefore Maduro was elected two times consecutive as the legitim president of Venezuela.

The delegations are still trying to find the best way to deliver these resources.

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