The value of a solution is being underestimated

The first council session in the Historical Council thoroughly started with the roll call held by the two chairs present in the committee, Vitória A. and Arthur D. . After this formal procedure, each nation gave an opening speech. During their two minutes of oration, the delegations stated their main ideals, in order for them to be taken into consideration in the following discussions. Almost all countries mentioned the will to solve the current problems in the being analysed Vietnam War and their interests to contribute among others.

Nonetheless, the often approached desire to act together in the beginning of the session was unfortunately followed by a very contradictory outcome. It turned into a very polarised session. Over the unmoderated caucus, the delegations assembled in two groups. In one part of the council the reunion of the capitalist nations was noticeable, oddly enough in the right side. And in the left part of the council were the countries that in favour of communist ideals.

After ten minutes of informal session, an agenda was set and later a speaker’s list. The first topic of discussion was the incident with an American ship. It is reasonable to point out, that the sources of the information mentioned were considered very important by the delegations.

Also regarding this matter, an example is to be stated. The United States of America mentioned that they didn’t use military forces and in response to that statement, more than one nation asked for proofs. USA’s response was based on CIA’s information, which was a very criticized action.

Concluding today’s session observations, it is important to mention, that there are different goals being pointed out by the present nations. Some delegates are clearly looking to move forward and some are looking for someone to blame. Independent from their position in the political spectrum and own aim, all countries should be aware of the urge to find a solution.

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