Selection of the more worthy?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was established shortly after World War II, to guarantee peace through intellectual cooperation among nations. The main guideline is to assist member countries in achieving Education for All, aims at promoting access to education and quality of education at all levels and modalities. According to UNICEF, 535 million children, one in four, live in countries without access to education.

The UNESCO Council will be discussing during the event a significant and contemporary theme: " Access to education in conflicts and post-conflict zones". The most relevant countries to the topic are Afghanistan, the United States of America, Mexico, Turkey, India, and Venezuela.

After some Opening speeches, India started discussing about Infrastructure. The delegate has said that every country is equal. In contrast, Mexico and USA believe that there is no possibility of helping all countries that are in need of help at the same time, they need to be selected. This antinomy contributed in such way, that the atmosphere of the council became quite heavy.

Germany made a motion, which solution contains creating laws to protect school areas from conflicts in partnership with the Security Council and with the support of all the countries, but they have not reached a consensus yet.

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