Divergent thoughts

The Economic and Social Council has started with the individual opening speeches,

and during the presentation of the same, there were some questions occurred.

During the opening statement of the delegate of The United States, it was alleged that

building a wall separating the US from Mexico would be the solution to the end of

drug trafficking to the country. This thought was divergent to the Russian

delegation’s line of thoughts, and so it was put into question, if building a wall would undoubtedly be the solution to the problem. The US delegation firmly replied that it would be the only way, arguing that 90% of the illegal drugs come from Mexico.

After the discussion of all opening speeches, the chairs moved forward to the debate of

the agenda, which was based on the following:

1- Crime prevention

2- Rehabilitation and reintegration

3- Judicial system

4- Infrastructure and poverty

The discussion as a whole was based on the delegations commenting on the actions taken by the others present in the council, in the midst of which Japan positively raised the issue

that education is one of the basis for avoiding crime, but no solution has been achieved so


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