2019 Controversies

The United Nations Environment Programme Council is as of today, focusing on the electronic waste and what solutions would be possible to develop throughout the conference.

During the opening speeches, countries have presented their solutions about the theme. India for example said that they wanted to turn the illegal recycle of electronic waste inside their own country, begin to be formal. Another example is Turkey, that has suggested a programme that would help all countries to produce less waste but it is not a 100% sure that it will work in other countries, because it has been just tested there and it wasn’t as successful as we think. Turkey wants to do anything in their power to solve their own waste, focusing firstly on their own nation and then helping other countries to develop as well.

Whilst most of the nations were trying to solve their own waste, The United States of America said that they’re helping the situation as a whole with paying the undeveloped countries who buy their waste.

India stated in counterpart that it is not right, because the countries who buy The United States of America’s waste, may harm the life expectancy and quality from their people and instead of accepting the US’s waste, rather focus on their own waste, since the countries are already classified as underdeveloped. The US remembered all that it is not their fault if others countries are undeveloped.

At the negotiations’ phase, Cuba asked The United States of America why the country doesn’t recycle their own waste and then sell recycled items without having to make use of new ones and their respond to it was that “they don’t have enough space”

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