The fight to combat opioids is harder than ever, its taking place around the world is one of the most pressing issues currently affecting our populations. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has as the main objective protect its member states in their fight against illicit drug trafficking, crime and terrorism. That is why, at the UNODC council, the question of fighting against the opioid crisis in Asia will be discussed.

The session began with the speeches of all the delegates, who introduced the situation and the position of the country they are representing, in relation to the topic that will be discussed. After the Opening Speech, the first questions in the council were: How to stop illegal trafficking? Is the criminalization of Opioids a way to stop it? And should they be criminalized or not?

Many countries believe that this is the best solution. But, on the other hand, if this criminalization is approved, the use of this drug in medicine would also be illegal, leading many countries to oppose to this decision.

One tricky question can be taken from today’s session: Is the opioid crisis really only in Asia, or is it a worldwide problem?

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