Councils & Committees

Security Council

Chairs: Konstantin Sattler & Victoria Abreu
SC Background Guide
Not available yet.
Topic: Relieving the US-Iran tensions and rebuilding the destroyed territory in the Middle East
Konstantin Sattler 
- Colégio Humboldt -
Victoria Abreu
- Corcovado -
Chairs: Chiara Zarife & Enzo Barbancho
ECOSOC Background Guide
Topic: The effects of technology on social and economical equality
Not available yet.
Chiara Zarife
- Colégio Humboldt -
Enzo Barbancho
- Porto Seguro Morumbi -

Economic and Social Council

Historical Council

Chairs: Sophie Brasil & Catharina Pinheiro
HC Background Guide
Not available yet.
Topic: The outgrowth of 9/11 and its further impact on international security
Sophie Brasil
- Colégio Humboldt -
Catharina Pinheiro
- Colégio Humboldt -

Human Rights Council

Chairs: André Bassin & Laura Alves
André Bassin
- Colégio Humboldt -
HRC Background Guide
Not available yet.
Topic: Addressing gender and race pay gap, and reducing harassment in workplace
Laura Alves
- Swiss School Curitiba -

International Atomic Energy Council

Chairs: Anita Spieker & Luiza Rufino
IAEA Background Guide
Not available yet.
Topic: The threats and benefits of a future with growing nuclear technologies and nuclear weapons
Anita Spieker
- Abeka -
Luiza Rufino
- Colégio Humboldt -

World Health Organization

Chairs: Luiza Marchetti & Kiara Baumer
Luiza Marchetti
- Colégio Humboldt -
WHO Background Guide
Not available yet.
Topic: How to prevent and diminish the spread and impact of Coronavirus
Kiara Baumer
- Colégio Humboldt -

United Nations Environment Programme

 Chairs: Luna Umstätter & Juliana Albertoni
UNEP Background Guide
Not available yet.
Topic: Precaution and restoration measures to curb with the devastating Amazon rainforest fires
Luna Umstätter
- Colégio Humboldt -
Juliana Albertoni
- Porto Seguro Valinhos -

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Chairs: Flora Hermann & Luísa Maciel
Flora Hermann
- Colégio Humboldt -
Luísa Maciel
- Porto Seguro Valinhos -
UNHCR Background Guide
Not available yet.
Topic: Addressing the humanitarian and refugee crisis in South Sudan

World Trade Organization

Chairs: Enzo Assis & André Sá
Enzo Assis
- Colégio Humboldt -
André Sá
- Swiss School São Paulo -
WTO Background Guide
Not available yet.
Topic: Rising tariffs and their impact upon the global economy


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