Councils & Committees

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Chairs: Konstantin Sattler & Luna Umstätter
UNESCO Background Guide
Topic: The international method of face to face teaching and its validation.
Konstantin Sattler 
- Colégio Humboldt -
Luna Umstätter
- Colégio Humboldt -
Chairs: Chiara Zarife & Enzo Assis
Chiara Zarife
- Colégio Humboldt -
ECOSOC Background Guide
Topic: Establishing safe private and public economic activity during a pandemic.
Enzo Assis
- Colégio Humboldt -

Economic and Social Council

Historical Council

Chairs: Sophie Brasil & Catharina Pinheiro
HC Background Guide
Topic: The Asian Flu Pandemic of 1957
Sophie Brasil
- Colégio Humboldt -
Catharina Pinheiro
- Colégio Humboldt -

Human Rights Council

Chairs: André Bassin & Flora Hermann
André Bassin
- Colégio Humboldt -
HRC Background Guide
Topic: The ethical issues of material and human ressources allocation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Flora Hermann
- Colégio Humboldt -

World Health Organization I

Chairs: Luiza Marchetti & Kiara Baumer
WHO I Background Guide
Topic: The social impacts of precarious healthcare systems in combating the new COVID-19 pandemic
Luiza Marchetti
- Colégio Humboldt -
Kiara Baumer
- Colégio Humboldt -

World Health Organization II

Chairs: Luiza Rufino & Miwa Kuwada
Luiza Rufino 
- Colégio Humboldt -
WHO II Background Guide
Topic: COVID-19: the global race to find a cure and the scientific challenges to overcome.
Miwa Kuwada
- Colégio Humboldt -


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