June 25th, 2020



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Since the beginning of this year, the new coronavirus has severely affected our lives and routines. Everyone had plans and expectations that needed to be reinvented with a lot of hard work and creativity. The Organizing Team of Humunited 2020 understands that togetherness and hope are more than necessary for everyone, and hence, we decided to organize a mini online conference to keep spreading all the MUN important values. This year’s conference will count with about 90 delegates, 6 committees and people’s from 8 different schools such as Colégio Humboldt, Porto Seguro Valinhos and Morumbi (São Paulo), Colégio Suíço-Brasileiro São Paulo, Colégio Suíço-Brasileiro Curitiba, Colégio Corcovado (Rio de Janeiro), Escola Sidarta and Instituto Ivoti.
Every committee will debate about a topic related to the pandemic, since information and discussion about countries measures and positions will bring our delegates a unique knowledge outside the normal curriculum. Our biggest ambition and expectation is that all delegates from all participating schools have a very fruitful debate and that through our conference, they can acquire a special knowledge and feel all this togetherness in a amazing and memorable experience, even in their own houses.



June, 2020



HUMUNITED is Colégio Humboldt's own MUN event. Model UN is a simulation applied in schools and colleges, in which students take part as delegates, who are there to discuss a topic in a committee for which they have previously prepared themselves. Thus, MUN is a great opportunity to develop public speaking, debating and critical thinking skills, as well as being encouraged to teamworking and 

acting as leaders.

Since 2016, Colégio Humboldt has been working very hard to prepare its HUMUNITED event. Being a brazilian/ german school, another advantage for participants is the development of the english vocabulary. Many students are afraid of debating because they don't have good knowledge of the foreign language, or are too shy to speak in public, but MUN is the perfect place to overcome those fears. There will be lots of people to help and make sure your HUMUNITED experience is the best one possible!

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